Kavan shrugged. "I think Lathan's got hidden depths." Sure, his gut was telling him that Lathan was dangerous, but he had an air about him. Perhaps it was the fact he was a Chiss like they were that was making him feel a sense of kinship with the man. Whatever it was, Kavan felt the need to listen to it. "As for where to next... I don't know. These supposed Jedi said they had work for us... and well we do need supplies to keep the ship flying. What do you think? At the very least we can stick around so you and that Aurora girl can hang out more." He had seen how Jayce had been eyeing the girl. And he felt a need to help his engineer out.

Then he heard the commotion of Aurora and Lathan fighting and looked to him. "Here's your big chance, hero."

Kavan then decided to check in on Jee, passing the group as he did. "And yes, I'd like it if there was no fighting on my ship."


Jade sighed at Aurora and Lathan proceeded to get into a fight. She looked to Kye and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "You are far greater than that man says. I see the potential in you, Kye. You have more strength than even you know. Trust yourself, and trust in your allies who believe in you."

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