Anger, Frustration, And More Anger

When Aurora moved to slap him, Jayce's free hand quickly grabbed onto her wrist and twisted painfully. "Do. Not. Hit. Me." He said in a low growl. "I'm going to ask you nicely one last time. Will you talk things out with Lathan or do I have to kick your pretty ass and embarrass you in front of your brother?"


When Kavan would finally reach Jee's quarters, she would be sitting with her back to the door and tinkering with a droid she had been building for months now. Her mask was sitting to the side, hood down to reveal her wild pixie haircut as she sword in her odd language. Growing frustrated, she tossed a tool to the side and huffed. "Utini!" She hissed at the little droid.


Kye jerked his shoulder free and frowned, hugging himself. "I'm tired of being a weak little boy..." He said and made his way to the room he and Aurora shared. He was just too angry to face anyone at the moment.

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