So Many Surprises Today!

Jayce pulled away after a moment, smiling to Aurora. "Hope that made my point to you." He stated and slowly released her, taking a step back to give the red headed girl some breathing room.

Lathan rolled his eyes. "He's been eyeballing her since they met..." He muttered and dug through his pockets until he found a small tool to work on his arm. "Piece of trash arm..."


Jee stopped and stared up at Kavan with wide eyes. "Utini...?" She inquired, face flushing further. Did he really just call her pretty?


Kye had chosen to lie down and was facing the wall as he kept thinking and thinking about what everyone kept saying. The only thing that stuck in his mind was how little he actually knew how to defend himself. Sure, he could get along with most people because of his good nature and kind personality, but that would only get him so far.

Sighing, he decided to make up his mind. He would not try to get his guns back, even thought they were so important. He would not beg Lathan for them back. No, instead he would ask for training and do everything possible to become stronger so Aurora would not have to constantly worry anymore.

Kye did not want to feel so pathetic.

Getting to his feet, he returned to where the others were and spotted Jade and Lathan. Walking right up to them, he stared at the chiss for a very long time, his anxiety shutting him up, keeping him from speaking his mind.

"What?" Lathan snapped when he got fed up with the teenager's silence.

"Uh...train me in hand to hand combat!" Kye blurted.

Lathan glanced to where Aurora and Jayce were. "Will your mommy approve?" He taunted.

Kye went quiet again and looked to Aurora for a moment. "She...she has no say in it. I'm sixteen! I can make my own choices!"

Lathan arched an eyebrow, surprised.

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