So Much Yelling

Out of curiosity, Lathan had decided to follow Jade and kept out of sight as he listened. Leaning on a wall, he let out a sigh and looked back toward the path he followed her through. "Last of your kind, huh?" He whispered, memory going back to the first man he killed.

That day he had ended an entire species.


Kye slammed his fist down on the table and glared at Aurora. "I'm sixteen, damn it! I'll do what I want! I need the training and you know it!" He practically roared. "What happens when you get injured and can't help me, huh?! What happens if I lose my guns in a fight? Think about it. This could help me!"

With that said, the younger red head walked away from his sister.

Jayce grimaced at the sight. "He certainly has a temper." He commented and returned to the engine room.


Jee blushed and just hugged Kavan tightly. The little Jawa was too shy to admit her emotions.

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