Kye grimaced as Aurora gestured to him, reminded of all the sacrifices his sister made just to help him feel "comfortable". A part of him loathed that he always needed help and reminding that the galaxy was a truly dangerous place. At sixteen years old he shouldn't need all this help, but as Aurora often put it, he was as naive as a newborn sometimes.

Biting back a sigh, the younger sibling turned his gaze away and listened as Aurora tried to convince the stranger to join them. With how the woman had insulted them, he did not want her along for the ride, but they needed whatever she could off.

Kye just wished he could be as brave as Aurora and Kavan about these things. They both seemed to have the situation under some control, but all he could do was internally freak out and keep his eyes on the area around them.

He feared the Dominion coming for them.

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