A Gift

Jayce returned to where Aurora was and looked to her with a smile. "You're not mad at your brother?" He asked and walked over to her, handing her a small rectangular box. "Here, it's a cleaning kit for your staff. I noticed how well you take care of it and thought you might like something to help with that."


Lathan crossed his arms and nibbled on the cigarette in his mouth for a moment. "It's a complicated concept. I used to belong to someone who was the last of their kind." He explained, shifting his weight. "I don't know why I care, Jade. I just do." It was not a lie, but he did not wish to divulge his past to people. It was a painful reminder of how much pain he had endured.

"I'll keep you alive." He said without thinking.


Jee could not stop the little shudder that ran through her entire body as she clung tighter to Kavan. Nodding, she tried to speak her feeling and silently cursed that she could not speak his language. So, she did the only thing she could think of to show just how much she cared for the chiss.

The little jawa leaned up and kissed him.

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