Advice and Fun Time

Jayce nodded in understanding. "Yeah, Kye mentioned that when he was exploring the ship before. I figured you would want this. It has a special coating material in it that will keep the staff safe whenever you have to use it. Makes it harder for damages to occur." He explained, smiling to her.

Glancing back toward where Kye went, the chiss licked at his lip ring. "Look, I know you're obviously protective of your brother, but...he seems to want to do things his way. Maybe just give him the freedom to do so? I watched Lathan fighting out there when we met. He could teach the kid a lot."


Lathan grimaced at the mention of the Dominion. "Yeah," He muttered, thoughts instantly going to Magus Tyrel. He knew his betrayal was going to come back to bite him in the ass sooner or later. It never helped that they seemed to always be chasing down Jedi artifacts. "We need to move fast, then."

Offering his metal hand to Jade, he offered a smile.


Jee hugged Kavan tightly again, nuzzling into him as she let out a happy "Utini". If she could speak, she would tell him all the things she felt for him, all the things she wanted to do for him. Instead, all she could do was show him and that took a lot of courage for the little jawa.

With a gentle tug, she pulled him toward her bed where he intended to show him just how happy he made her. In her mind, if anyone needed them, they could wait.

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