Final Warning

" I joined to give Kye a chance at a better futcher." she said as if she sudenly felt the need to exsplain.

Jade chuckled. "A better future... Child, we are all working towards a better future. The Galaxy lies in ruins, we all fight to rebuild... But this doesn't matter, I must leave with this holocron."

"woukd you be willing to come with us get off this planity before the Dominion can come after you we could exstange are knolage" she said.

Jade frowned. "The Chronicle isn't interested in exchanging knowledge. Merely hoarding it. This holocron is far more important than you know, the knowledge contained inside could spell doom for what remains of the galaxy, or could potentially save it."

"I don't really care," Kavan said glaring at Aurora with annoyance at the thought that she could tell him what to do as he drew closer to Jade. "Hand it over. We won't ask you again..."

Jade made a face that probably would have had more effect if she had eyes with which to roll. She then leaned forward as if to stare Kavan in the face. "Treasure hunter... I give you one final warning... Step aside..."

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