Incoming Trouble

Kye took the weapon, but refused to listen this time. His gaze was on something else in the distance, a frown forming on his face. "Sister..." He murmured in fear. "I think we have trouble on the way."

With a glance to the now unconscious Kavan, the younger sibling holstered his blaster and pulled his sniper scope from the bag at his side. Looking through it, he sucked in a quick breath and bit at his bottom lip. Something was coming - something bad.

"Sister, we need to go!" Kye called to Aurora as he returned the scope to his bag. Not knowing what to do with her staff, he just held it firmly and looked to Kavan again. Could they just leave him there if they had to run for it? He felt really bad for the guy when Aurora hit him, but he had been a little too hostile toward Jade in the younger sibling's opinion.

All Kye wanted was for this to just be over already.

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