More To Her Than Meets The Eye

Jade frowned at Aurora, while it was clear she was very brave she was also foolish. She had entrusted the girl with the holocron in the hopes of keeping it safe with them. Now it was possible her act of bravery would deliver the holocron right into the hands of the Dominion. In either case, now they had this stranger to contend with.

"Why don't you put the staff down, girly." He chimed and glared toward Magus Tyrel. "You really planning to take on a Force user, idiot?"

"You want me to put the staff down?" Jade's voice had audible sharpness to it, a growing annoyance at this stranger who seemed to be trying to get her to back down.

"Lathan..." Tyrel looked to the man and even with the helmet hiding his face it was obvious he wasn't pleased. "You do realize my title of "Magus" isn't honorary? I am a master in the magics of The Force. This... drifter... is nothing but a self-taught force sensitive who read too many scrolls about The Jedi and the Fallen Republic."

"Perhaps you should find out..." Jade said. She looked to Aurora. "Please, Aurora, do not put yourself in danger on my behalf."

"Neither of you two are going anywhere..." Tyrel said, brandishing his lightsaber menacingly. He began to step closer to Jade and Aurora, raising his saber, ready to attack...

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