Eyes Betray You

Once the shots were fired that was it for negotiations. With a grimace Jade watched as Aurora tried to engage Tyrel all the while rushing towards them both. Tyrel proved to be faster than Aurora, turning on a dime in the time it took her to get around to his flank. He was about to halfheartedly swing at her when his saber was blocked by a pair of amber lightsaber blades.

Jade had pulled her staff apart, revealing the dual lightsabers hidden within. She shoved the Magus back and took a defensive stance between him and Aurora. "Run! Get to your brother! You can find my ship near the grass fields!"

"This was unexpected..." Tyrel said, looking to Jade with renewed interest. Particularly at her lightsabers. "Where did you get those?"

"Wander the galaxy long enough, you learn a thing or two..." Jade said, twirling her sabers.

"Oh I will relish taking you in for questioning then." Tyrel took a stance, studied his opponent and then charged at her.

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