From Bad To Worse

To say that Tyrel had been surprised by Lathan's sudden betrayal would be an understatement. When the scythe came down Tyrel had to muster as much speed as he could to evade the swipe and even then that was just to avoid a killing blow. He still got swiped by the massive thing, a large gash now ran across his chest, blood seeped from the wound. Lathan lowered his gaze onto Lathan now and pointed at him with his saber.

"You will pay for this, fool!" Tyrel then looked and found some stone rubble from a fallen pillar and raised it into the air with the force and hurled it at Lathan with all his might.

Jade reengaged the Magus raining down shots from her lightsabers which Tyrel parried and dodged. As this was happening more Dominion soldiers started arriving and opened fire on Lathan and Aurora.

Jade and Tyrel locked blades, the crackling energy from their sabers nearly deafening the battle that was growing behind them. Much to Jade's surprise, she saw the gash Lathan had delivered onto Tyrel closed with an eerie green glow. Dark magics she had only heard of in the ancient tomes of The Jedi. She looked up at the visor of Tyrel's helmet.

"The dark side has its hold on you, every time you give into its power it takes more of you."

"That is where you're wrong, wanderer. A lesser mind drowns in the Dark Side... A Magus sails its oceans." He pushed her back and tried to throw another boulder at her. She cut it in two with her lightsabers then retaliated with a barrage of force pushes which, to her surprise, barely jostled the Magus. He merely braced himself against the flurry of force energy. And in that moment, Jade had realized she'd made a grave error in facing this man. He flourished his lightsaber and began to advance on her once again.

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