Take The Shot

Kye gasped and raised his sniper rifle, trying to stay steady upon Phenix. With all the struggling going on between Aurora and the soldiers he could not get a clear shot. Cursing under his breathe, he began to climb from the varactyl, only stopping when he saw the scythe wielder jump in to help.

Lathan had rolled away from the pillar thrown at him and was stuck between helping either Jade or Aurora. Realizing how close to being captured the older sibling was, he rolled his red eyes and rushed at the remaining soldiers. Grinning, he quickly took out two of them by cutting off limbs with the scythe.

With a rough kick to the last soldier's chest, he grabbed onto Aurora's arm and jerked her aside. "Get to your brother, girly!" He seethed and swiped at the last soldier, cutting him in half.

Kye grimaced at the sight of so much death going on around him. Why was everything going so horribly wrong? Could they not get through one job without all hell breaking loose? Shaking his head in dismay, the younger red head aimed the sniper rifle at Magus Tyrel and took a few deep breaths.

Gritting his teeth, he pulled the trigger.

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