Standing near a doorway, a young red headed sixteen-year-old named Kye was trying to stay on high alert. One of his blaster pistols was out, gripped tightly in his left hand as he listened for anything that could be a threat. It helped having his older sister, Aurora, around for this insanity and chaos, but he still felt ill at ease. Something about this place made him uncomfortable, but so did everywhere they went.

Upon hearing the agitation coming from Phenix, he turned in time to see the older red head round the corner they had come from. He could hear her calling in her usually sweet voice to the Varactyl. "Phenix what has spiked you this time?"

He assumed it was nothing until the tone in Aurora's voice changed. Frowning, Kye stepped around the corner and spotted the Chiss almost instantly. "W-who are you?" He inquired in a voice that was almost too quiet to be heard and raised his blaster toward the man.

I knew this was a bad idea, he thought and prayed he could keep it together for his sister's sake.

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