Run And Dodge

Lathan kept a tight grip on the speeder as they moved, red eyes slightly widening at how well Jade was avoiding everything. "You'll have to explain to me how you see when this is all over." He called out with a laugh before glaring up at their assailants.

In all honesty, he was far less worried about these enemies shooting at them. Lathan knew his betrayal would not be taken lightly by Tyrel, but he had grown very sick of the way things were done by The Dominion. Granted, he was not above slaughtering enemies and targets, but there was just always something about these people that had unsettled him.

Magus Tyrel had been the last straw for the chiss and he made his choice, even if it was out of the blue.

"Can you get your ship out of here fast or do you need help?" Lathan asked after leaning toward Jade, eyes still on their attackers. The robotic hand kept a solid grip on the bike as he settled his free hand upon his scythe in case they had to go back into combat.

"Think you can shoot them?" Aurora asked.

Kye whimpered as he looked at the rifle still in hand. "I...I can try." The younger sibling said as he raised it and began to aim. Their constant movements and dodging was making it extremely difficult to aim, but he let off a few shots in the false hope of hitting something important.

His heart was pounding so loudly it seemed to drown out all other noise. In the young red head's mind, all he could see was what he had done to Tyrel. Guilt ate at him, despite knowing the man was an enemy and that he needed to keep his sister safe no matter what. It was like pouring gasoline into a fire, fueling his anxiety and fears.

The boy just did not wish to harm anyone.

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