Another Ride

Jade could sense they were nearing the landing spot for her ship, and in time too it seemed as the fighters closed in and began to open fire on them. Jade pressed a button on her speeder to lower the cargo ramp so she could ride the speeder right into the cargo bay, with Phoenix not far behind. However, just as they were nearing the ship one of the fighter's blaster bolts struck the engine and send the whole thing exploding sky high.

Jade's look would've been one of surprise if she had eyes. She had to hit the brakes on the speeder hard as debris rained on the group.

A wave of hopelessness hit Jade now, as the roar of the enemy fighters drew nearer.

"Magus, we have the fugitives..." One of the pilots said over his radio.

"Capture them alive if at all possible. If not, destroy them and bring that holocron to me..." Magus Tyrel said.

"Affirmative. We'll--" However the transmission from the pilot was cut off as a blaster bolt reduced the fighter to a fiery plume.

Jade could sense the newcomer, a familiar presence along with a stranger...

"I won't take you hitting me in the head too personally..." Kavan said over the comms to Jade and the others. "However..." Kavan's ship, the Bloodwing, dipped back and shot down the second Dominion fighter before touching down near the wreckage of Jade's ship. The cargo ramp lowered and Kavan and his engineer companion Jayce stepped out, blasters in hand. "If you all would prefer to not get captured by the Dominion... I suggest you get on board now!"

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