No Other Choice

Lathan arched an eyebrow at the sight of the Bloodwing and chuckled. "We don't have much choice at this point," He said with a pat to Jade's shoulder. "I don't want to get killed today, so lets take the free ride, shall we?"

The moment the speeder was up the ramp, the scythe wielder hopped off and looked at the others. "Looks like you finally woke up from that hit on the head I watched happen earlier." He teased before letting his eyes fall on Kye, who was struggling to climb off of Phenix.

Kye, unaware of the eyes on him, yelped as Phenix nudged his side and made him fall off. Landing on his rear end uncomfortably, the younger sibling moaned his displeasure and glared up at the varactyl. "Did you have to do that?" He inquired.

His only answer was a head tilt.

"Of course..." Kye sighed before a hand was offered to him. Looking up to find Lathan standing over him, the sixteen year old frowned and got to his feet on his own. "I can take care of myself..."

Jayce grimaced, watching Aurora with interest. "I'm going to keep the engine alive while you deal with...this." He stated before a loud crashing sound pulled his attention to an inner part of the ship. "Jee! I swear if you are rearranging things at a time like this, I will beat your ass!"

Distressed jabbering could be heard as a little Jawa stepped out from behind some cargo, holding up what looked to be a broken blaster.

"Put that away, Jee!" Jayce snapped, swiping at the cloaked little figure.

Dodging away, the Jawa slunk her way over to Kavan and hid behind him. Clinging to the man, she made silly spitting noises at the engineer.

Jayce groaned. "We need to go..."

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