The Crew Of The Bloodwing

Jade regarded the crew of Kavan's ship with curiosity on her face. "Quite the crew you have here, captain."

Kavan shrugged. "Just call me Kavan... This is Jee." He gestured to the Jawa clinging to his leg. "She's a bit of a klepto but more honorable than most Jawas." He smiled at Jee before looking back to Jade. "And you... You're a Chronicler Magus. Those who study The Force and history of The Jedi of The Fallen Republic..."

Jade shook her head. "No. I was, but no more. The Chronicle and I had... disagreements..."

Kavan frowned. "Does this mean we're gonna have to revisit our conversation about this holocron?"

Jade smirked. "I can whack you on the head again if need be."

Kavan shook his head. "No thanks. However, if you are planning on taking it to someone I hope they can pay me. This ship doesn't fly on good will alone after all..."

"If money is what you want, my friends who are waiting for this holocron can pay you whatever you want." Jade reassured him. Then the ship rocked as it was hit by a blaster bolt. "So long as you can get us out of here alive."

Kavan smirked. "That's gonna be the easy part." Kavan went to the cockpit of the Bloodwing and quickly got into the pilot's seat. "Jee, be a dear and show our passengers to their quarters and get them belted in. This is gonna be a bumpy ride..."

The Bloodwing took off and began to soar between the ruined buildings as fighters pursued it. Kavan knew it wouldn't be smart to go into orbit with the fighters on their heels and the star carriers still in orbit. He'd have to deal with the fighters and find a gap in the carriers' blockade before they could leave Dantooine.

"Jayce! Get on one of the turrets and show these Dominion dogs how much I hate tailgaters!"

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