The One Part You Need

Jee made a happy sound and hugged Kavan before she helped Jade, Kye, Aurora, and Lathan find places to sit and stay safe. After doing so, she rushed off to help in any way she could.

Kye whimpered as he gripped onto the seat he was sitting on. Lathan had opted to smoking and had sat next to him, making the red head feel slightly sick to his stomach from the smell. "Do you have to do that?" He asked in an almost whisper.

Lathan chuckled as he blew out smoke. "It's relaxing, kid."

"It's not good for your lungs..." Kye retorted and looked to Jade and Aurora. "Are you going to help my sister get stronger?"

Jayce waved a hand, having already gotten to one of the turrets and was happily shooting down as many of the Dominion ships as he could. "If you hadn't noticed, I'm ahead of you on that, old man!" He stated in an almost monotonous tone. "By the way, I had to replace that nice little piece of equipment that keeps us from burning up in the atmosphere. Remember how Jee stole that part for us and you tried to return it, claiming we didn't need it? Be glad she stole it."

With a jerk of his hands, Jayce shot down more Dominion tailgaters.

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