Safety In Hyperspace

"Yes, and from now on if she steals something I will let her keep it. Lesson learned!" Kavan said as he swerved the ship through more decrepit buildings. It didn't take long for the Dominion fighters to start thinning out. Now it was a matter of finding the gap in the blockade. Thankfully, the Chronicle was still fighting them which meant finding gaps was easy for a smaller ship like the Bloodwing.

"Got an opening, hang on back there guys this will be bumpy. Jayce, keep your eyes peeled for enemy fighters, they'll probably spot us when we make a run for the gap."

The ship soared up into space. The battle ahead lit up the black void with explosions. The Bloodwing weaved through the battlefield, dodging explosions and debris. Thankfully no fighters seemed to pursue them as they breached the blockade and were free to jump to hyperspace.

Kavan let out a sigh of relief and smirked. "Another smooth tomb raid..."


" Jade, what can you tell me of the force" she asked as they flowed. She did not see the point in wasting time. She needed to learn more about this power she had.

Jade smiled and tilted her head towards Aurora. "The Force is created by life itself. An energy that connects all of life across the galaxy. It is through it that I can see... in a sense, and in the age of the Fallen Republic there were peacekeepers known as Jedi who utilized The Force to help defend the galaxy.. The Chronicle and Dominion both train magi to utlize The Force much like the ancient Jedi... Hence why both hunt Jedi holocrons, to learn the ancient ways lost after the Cataclysm. However... The Chronicle Magi aren't the most... forthcoming with the lessons they learn from the holocrons..."

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