Personal Space Don't Exist

Jayce sighed as he stepped away from the turret and went to Kavan. "You call that a smooth tomb raid, yet you're the guy who got knocked out by a girl." He chuckled before turning serious. "You do realize we let one of the most notorious bounty hunters of this time step onto the ship, right?"

It was obvious that he was referring to Lathan.


Jee was indeed eyeing the staff from a corner, little hands gripping onto the box she hid behind. She had already stolen a few trinkets from Kye's bag, nothing he would really miss, but she still felt successful in her theft.

Kye blinked as he listened to both Jade and Aurora conversing, fingers tugging at a loose thread in his shirt. "If you teach Aurora, she'll be so strong no one can beat her." He said with a smile before getting up. "I want to explore...I'm...uncomfortable." With a shrug, the younger sibling slipped out of the room and began to wander around the ship curiously.

Jee replaced Kye's spot almost instantly, leaning toward Aurora with no respect for her personal space. She tugged at the cloth of the red head's clothing, lifted strands of hair, and even sniffed at her. The entire time she continually made little sounds and hissed out unintelligible questions.

When done with Aurora, Jee moved to Jade and did the same to her.

Lathan chuckled at the sight before rising and leaving the room in silence, a trail of smoke being left in his wake from the cigarette in his mouth.

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