Unlikely Ally

"You do realize we let one of the most notorious bounty hunters of this time step onto the ship, right?"

It was obvious that he was referring to Lathan.

Kavan nodded. "I was aware yes... but given what I saw, it's clear he's got no love of The Dominion." He looked to Lathan. "So long as we all can remain civil... I don't see a problem here."

Jade looked to Aurora and a frown furrowed her brow behind her blindfold. "I am no teacher, but I suppose I can show you some things I've learned."

" She lays a hand on mothers staff Kavan and I kick her but" Luna called. She clipped the calapsed weapon to her belt next to her own.

Kavan chuckled. "No promises there..."

Kye blinked as he listened to both Jade and Aurora conversing, fingers tugging at a loose thread in his shirt. "If you teach Aurora, she'll be so strong no one can beat her." He said with a smile before getting up. "I want to explore...I'm...uncomfortable." With a shrug, the younger sibling slipped out of the room and began to wander around the ship curiously.

Jee replaced Kye's spot almost instantly, leaning toward Aurora with no respect for her personal space. She tugged at the cloth of the red head's clothing, lifted strands of hair, and even sniffed at her. The entire time she continually made little sounds and hissed out unintelligible questions.

When done with Aurora, Jee moved to Jade and did the same to her.

Jade smiled and let out small giggles as the jawa fiddled with her garb and items. Unlike Aurora, Jade was unperturbed by Jee and her curiosity. "Pleasure to meet you, Jee."

"So... What's our destination?" Kavan asked.

"We will be headed to Bespin..." Jade said. Still smiling as Jee played with her hair. "There we will meet my contact regarding the holocron."

"The Floating Isles of Bespin huh?" Kavan shrugged. "Interesting place for sure. Place used to be quite a sprawling floating city before the Cataclysm I heard..."

"You heard correctly," Jade said. "But now that city has broken into different floating islands. We will be landing in the port district."

Kavan nodded and looked to the others. "Alright, I'll plot the course." He smiled at Jee. "Try not to get too handsy there, Jee. These are our new friends, remember we don't steal from friends... often..." He then retreated to the cockpit.


The various city islands of Bespin hovered above the clouds as if they were metal disks nestled in the clouds. When the Bloodwing landed and the group disembarked they found quite the sight to see. Markets were full of people, and the sky was clear and blue. Jade led the group to one of the stores and went inside.

A rodian sat behind a desk, a bunch of cheap, fake, antiques cluttering up the shop. Jade went to him and started to speak in the alien's language. The rodian nodded and led the group down into the store's cellar which was far larger than one would initially assume. At the far end of the room was, no doubt to everyone's surprise, a hutt.

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