No Likey A Worm

Jee was sad that Aurora believed she would actually take the staff, but shrugged it off and gave Jade a quick hug. It made her happy that someone other than Kavan was unbothered by her interest in them for once. When said man scolded her, she practically hopped after him and happily sat in the cockpit with him, playing with the small trinkets she had taken from Kye.

The ride to Bespin certainly went by faster with the items as a distraction.


Upon arrival to Bespin, Jee sneakily slipped Kye's items back into his bag, but proceeded to happily steal items from the many people they passed. Her little cloaked form went unnoticed among a group of people with three Chiss, especially one that was openly wielding a scythe folded at his hip.

Upon seeing the hutt, Kye had to hold back his disgust and looked to Aurora with slight panic in his eyes. He was already freaking out internally about the new cut on his lips and hoped his sister would not question him about it. For now, though, he was more concerned about the situation and wondered if this worm was really going to be the buyer for the holocron.

Lathan chuckled as he blew out smoke and stared at the hutt. "Why am I not surprised, Jade?" He stated coolly with a glance to said woman.

Jayce was keeping his eyes on Jee, taking whatever items she slipped to him. Most of what she gave him, the engineer knew would come in handy for the Bloodwing later. He almost felt bad for stealing said items, but this was a new age where barely anyone followed the rules anymore.

He just wanted to get this job done and buy the bigger, more important parts they needed for the engine. Jayce was not about to risk them getting trapped in a situation where they would die because of his incompetence.

As for Jee, she was finally back to clinging to Kavan, glowing eyes narrowed and glaring at the hutt.

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