Not What You Think

Aurora pulled her staff from her belt and glared at Jade. " what exactly was your plan to sell us to the huts?"

Jade shook her head. "It's not what you think, Aurora. Seev is an ally... one I trust. So I ask you to trust me."

"It seems your companions are mistrustful of me." Seev The Hutt said. He tilted his head in curiosity to the strangers. "I understand your apprehension, my people are often... unsavory... However I assure you that you are quite safe here. I am merely a historian and collector. My vices are hidden knowledge and relics of our forgotten past." He laughed a deep laugh that seemed to shake the room.

"Seev and I have worked together in the past many times." Jade explained. "If he wanted he could've betrayed me plenty of times before. Please... I wouldn't deceive you."

"I mean, you did hit me on the head..." Kavan muttered. "But yeah, sure, let's trust a hutt..." He shook his head, the silliness of their situation not lost on him. He pat Jee's hooded head to reassure her. Should this turn out to be some kind of trick he was confident he could at least get him and Jee out alive. Jayce on the other hand... well he could handle himself. The kids though... Kavan was unsure. If push came to shove he may have to leave them. But it was best not to jump to the worst case scenario at this point in time. He kept his hand close to his blaster in either case however.

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