Hot Red Head

Jee looked up at Kavan, silently hoping things would not go south as she watched the interactions between everyone and the Hutt, quickly noting how Lathan was the only one keeping quiet now. Her hidden eyes were focused on his robotic hand that was settled on the scythe at his hip.

Tugging at Kavan's arm, she jerked her head toward the scythe wielder to let him know.

Kye grabbed onto Aurora's arm. "Are yo sure you want to start a fight, sister?" He whispered to her. The boy was very aware of how unsavory the Hutt race was, but the younger sibling always tried to see the good in everyone. Perhaps they would be able to avoid a fight this time.

Jayce let out a chuckle. "You got hit over the head by a hot red head?" He asked Kavan with a grin.

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