No Ordinary Hutt

Aurora lowered her staff with a questing look on her face. " you know I was the one that hit you on the head right" she said confused. Then looked to the hut. " I won't attack you but I can't trust you huts love keeping slaves" Aurora said coldly

Seev let out a bellowing laugh. "I am no slaver on Nar Shadaa... If you need a demonstration to prove my fidelity..." The Hutt closed his eyes and extended out a slimy hand to a nearby droid. The droid began to levitate off the ground, beeping in distress before Seev lowered it back down gently. "I... am a Jedi..."

"Master?" Jade looked to Seev in surprise. "You think it is wise to reveal yourself to these stranger?"

"I believe The Force brought these people to us for a reason. This one." Seev pointed to Aurora, "...Is very strong in the force... and will need guidance that no Chronicler can provide... which is why you will oversee her training, Jade."

"What???" Jade was visibly surprised by this.

Jayce let out a chuckle. "You got hit over the head by a hot red head?" He asked Kavan with a grin.

Kavan sneered at Jayce. "I'll hit you over the head until your head's red if you don't stop!" Though the irony was not lost on him that this girl had bested him. However he wasn't one to hold grudges. "It doesn't matter anyways. We all are after the same thing, seeing this holocron to good hands." Then he looked to Lathan. "Well maybe except for you."

"The Jedi are not as numerous as they were..." Seev continued. "We must work with what we have if we hope to rebuild and reunite the galaxy..." Seev said as she looked to the others. "Kavan, fear not, you will be paid for your efforts. And I would ask for your continued services. We will provide you with proper payment... but we need a ship and a pilot."

Kavan nodded. "You got the credits, I'll fly whatever you want." Kavan pet Jee's head in reassurance, a sort of shorthand to tell her he didn't quite trust this hutt, but he was gonna see where this went.

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