Kye let out a heavy breathe, glancing at everyone before jerking on Aurora's sleeve. "Come on,'s money we need. Do you really want to start a fight?" He asked through gritted teeth.

Seeing how Aurora reacted, Jee clung tighter to Kavan and made all kinds of distressed noises. The glowing eyes of her mask seemed to brighten further as she watched, only feeling partially reassured by the pat on her head.

Kavan sneered at Jayce. "I'll hit you over the head until your head's red if you don't stop!" Though the irony was not lost on him that this girl had bested him. However he wasn't one to hold grudges.

Jayce chuckled and rolled his eyes. "Oh, like you could ever do that, old man. If Jee wanted, she could rob you blind." Another chuckle followed his words before he heard Aurora's response to the Hutt. "She's hot but she's stubborn."

"It doesn't matter anyways. We all are after the same thing, seeing this holocron to good hands." Then he looked to Lathan. "Well maybe except for you."

Lathan turned his gaze to Kavan, narrowing his eyes. "Do we have a problem?" He inquired with a snarl under his breathe. Being around something normally associated with slavers made him uneasy. It kept the scythe wielder on edge and he was thankful Aurora was keeping the creature's attention.

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