Secret Order

Seeing how Aurora reacted, Jee clung tighter to Kavan and made all kinds of distressed noises. The glowing eyes of her mask seemed to brighten further as she watched, only feeling partially reassured by the pat on her head. Kavan pat her head reassuringly, smiling down at her to further emphasize the fact he wasn't perturbed by the proceedings.

Lathan turned his gaze to Kavan, narrowing his eyes. "Do we have a problem?" He inquired with a snarl under his breathe.

Kavan shook his head. "No... I just know you're not interested in the Chronicle and its mission. You're a mercenary, a bounty hunter, money is your only care... which I sympathize with, it's why I do this..." Then he frowned and looked to Jade. "Did you say Jedi?"

Jade nodded. "We... are the Jedi"

Seev let out a chuckle. "The ancient order of knights who swore to defend The Republic all those generations ago... Gone but not forgotten... When I was but a slugling in the swamps of Nal Hutta, I was discovered by the secret order that survived the calamity that befell the galaxy... they trained me in the ways of the force... and for centuries we have operated in secret... in the hopes of guiding the galaxy to reunification, rebuilding The Fallen Republic and giving hope to those who need it so desperately..."

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