Kye groaned in frustration. "Oh, come on, Aurora!" He practically yelled at her, trying to get his sister's attention. "What if this is real? What if they can actually help? You'll finally be able to figure things out."

Lathan's eyes glanced toward Kye as he listened to Kavan's words. "Yeah, I need money..." He muttered and sighed, shoving a cigarette into his mouth again. Despite all that the Hutt had said, he was still very uncomfortable around it. All his mind could associate the creature with was slavery.

Jayce held in a laugh as he watched the banter between Jade, Aurora, Kye, and the Hutt. Something about the situation was almost comical, especially after the younger sibling yelled at his sister.

As for Jee, she was tempted to run back to the ship at this point.

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