The Girl With No Eyes

Kavan frowned and followed the strange girl and her giant lizard. "Well might as well follow them..." So Kavan did. Making his way into the central courtyard of the enclave before finding the two at a door leading into the enclave's library. There, he saw a lone woman standing near one of the shelves. Her eyes were covered and she wore nondescript traveler robes. In one hand was a holocron, and in the other a walking stick. She didn't seem to regard the newcomers with any concern. Merely tilting her head to the side as Kye and Aurora stepped closer.

"It's dangerous here." She said plainly, her voice not betraying a single hint of emotion. "The Dominion is here, no doubt looking for this place... They will wreck it and the treasures inside in their mad quest for power..." She finally turned and tilted her head to each of them in turn before stopping on Kavan. "If you don't leave now... you will die..."

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