Training Time?

Jee was happy to stick with Kavan, which was the norm for her since he was the only person who ever got to see the face behind the mask. She gently tugged at his coat, already trying to lead him back tot he ship.

Jayce was unperturbed and happy to go back to the ship. He wanted to check in on the engine before getting some rest, after all.

As for Lathan, he decided to stick around with the red headed siblings and Jade. "I guess we rest for the night..." He muttered with a sigh, lighting a fresh cigarette as he followed them. Those red eyes constantly lingered upon Kye with curiosity, a curiosity he should most likely not have.


Kye stuck close to his sister, even following her to retrieve Phenix. After saying goodnight to her, he had a fitful sleep riddled with nightmares and memories that haunted him until he jerked up with a whimper. Glancing around, coating in a thing layer of sweat, he realized there were no soldiers there to kill his parents.

With a heavy sigh, he pushed back his red locks of hair and looked over to Aurora, happy to see her still asleep. "I'm sorry..." He whispered. "I'll try to be stronger, Aurora. I promise to get stronger..." A hand rose up to his mouth where a fresh scar was forming.

He would keep his situation with Lathan a secret. It was something he did not wish to burden her with. Turning over and lying back down, he tried to sleep again.

By morning, Kye was stretching and yawning as he followed Aurora to the training grounds. "Is Jade going to help you get stronger?" He asked.

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