New Dawn

Kavan nodded at Jee's tugs and the two retreated to the ship for some much needed rest. In the morning they were met by a group of what Kavan later found out were groups of Jedi-worshipping monks who seemed to tend to the needs of their Jedi masters. It was an odd situation yet they were friendly, providing Kavan and his crew with crates full of food and goods. Kavan opted to prepare breakfast for himself, Jee, and Jayce on the ship in spite of the monks' insistence that they help.

He made Jee's favorite meal, knowing right now she needed to feel some semblance of familiarity and warmth. Something he was more than happy to give her. If only because he enjoyed the happy walk she did every time she was in a good mood.


Jade could hear Aurora and her brother speaking in the room provided to them and took the opportunity to step inside to answer Kye's question. "Your sister is already strong, Kye. What I intend to do is help her focus that strength. Potential without training is nothing, but with training, she could be a great Jedi one day." She smiled and bowed to Aurora, the fact she had no eyes and a blindfold on not at all impeding her ability to see both children as she gestured to them. "Aurora, if you wish we can go to the training room now or after you have had breakfast."


Meanwhile... On Coruscant.

Magus Tyrel walked into the main temple of the Grand Magi and lowered his head in fealty as he reached the center. The Grand Magi all looked down on him, their robed forms obscuring their faces as he remained still. Then one spoke, Grand Magus Orem, a wizened crone with a deep, husky voice.

"You have returned empty handed, Magus Tyrel. Explain yourself."

"The holocron was intercepted by members of the Chronicle... and a mysterious Force user I have never encountered before..." Tyrel said, his head still bowed low.

"You speak as if you have suspicions... answer truthfully Magus." Orem said firmly.

"My Grand Magi... I sensed... A level of power unlike anything I have encountered in any Chronicler before... This woman... I believe she was a Miraluka..."

This gave all the Grand Magi pause.

"The last Miraluka..." Orem said almost in a hushed tone. "It could not be. What you suggest is impossible."

"The Miraluka were wiped out in the Great Cataclysm... Their enclave being housed in a Jedi temple on Jedah. Like the Jedi they are extinct." Grand Magus Id said with a deep bellow. "Clearly you do not see clearly."

"I see clearly," Tyrel said. "As clearly as this blind woman did. Her skill and strength in The Force was readily apparent."

There was a long silence as the council looked to one another.

"You will look into this, Magus Tyrel and find the answer to this mystery. Be it the Chronicle or some new foe... We cannot tolerate the interference... Find this woman and her allies and wipe them out. The Magus Codex demands nothing but utter loyalty."

"Your will be done, my Grand Magi..." Tyrel finally rose and turned on his heel before leaving the council chamber. As he walked through the ancient halls of the temple, once the great Jedi temple before The Cataclysm, he wondered just how he would bring that woman and her compatriots out of hiding. He needed bait... something they couldn't resist...

Then he had an idea. And with a nod he returned to his ship.

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