A Happy Jawa Is A Good Jawa

Kye was about to follow his sister when Lathan walked up and grabbed onto his shoulder. "Uh..." He said, frowning with worry. "Yes?"

"While they train with the Force I'm giving you some combat training, girly boy." Lathan stated with a frown. "You use guns, but it's obvious you don't know any hand-to-hand combat." Looking to Aurora before she left, he asked. "Is that fine with you?"


Jee happily ate her food, making happy little Jawa noises as she used her hood to hide her face from Jayce. The engineer really did not care what she looked like, but the Jawa just could not let anyone but Kavan see what she looked like behind the mask. Something about letting him see felt special and if she let anyone else see it just would not feel right.

Once done eating her food, she adjusted the mask so it hide her face and went right to Kavan, hugging him. If she could speak, she would tell him just how happy it made her to just be with him.

"Need me, I'll be with the engine." Jayce told Kavan as he finished the food. "You're still a great cook, Kav." Grabbing the tools he had on the floor by his feet, the engineer made his way toward the engine room.

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