Adding Insult To The Stolen Injury

Jee indeed happily swiped items from vendors and little shops. So good she was that none were able to see her little fingers take each item. By the time they noticed their trinkets and supplies were missing it would be too late to figure out who took them. The little jawa may have been a kleptomaniac, but she was a sneaky and smart one.

To add insult to their injury, Jee did it all while still holding Kavan's hand.


Kye groaned and looked back at Phenix. "I am so not in the mood to have you around." He muttered and started walking around the place. During the walk, he took in the sight of places and tried hard to ignore the stares people gave him and the animal.

Who wouldn't stare at a red head walking around with a big lizard-like creature following close behind him? He would have rather risked being assaulted by Lathan at this point during some hand-to-hand combat. In fact, he had no clue why everyone was freaking out about the chiss.

But then he touched his lips where the new scar was and grimaced. "Right..." He muttered before a hand reached out from one of the alleyways and jerked him aside. Panic began to rise in the teen as he realized it was too small a space for Phenix to follow and a hand reached for one of his blasters.

But when a metal hand grabbed his wrist, Kye calmed down enough to take in who it was. "Oh, uh...hi, Lathan." He chuckled.

The scythe wielder only smirked.

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