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Summary: A neonoate/ancillae who plays with the methuselahs.

Anthony James

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Gender: Male

Age: Appears early 30's

Group: Vampires


World of Darkness


Tremere Prince of the Region of Durham, Regent of the 4th Circle, Astor in service to Etrius.

Point in Cannon Character is From

From the very end of Gehenna

Physical Appearance

Tall and muscular in the manner of a gymnast or martial artist. Long blonde hair is pulled back in a ponytail more often than not. His most remarkable feature is his eyes, one vibrant blue and the other emerald green.

Powers and Skills

Typical WoD vampire abilities and several non Tremere disciplines.


To be completed later

Favourite Sayings

I explained it to you once, do NOT make me repeat myself.

Favourite food

Prefers animal blood, or that of a loving partner.

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Image of Anthony James
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