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Summary: A Prefect who is a very spiritual woman and loves to listen to others

Ruby Silverfox NPC

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Gender: Female

Age: 15/ 5th yr

Group: House Pukwudgie


American Native Sioux Indian


Prefect of Pukwudgie House
Magizoologist career path


1st through 5th year spells

Physical Appearance

Height: 5ft 7in
Hair: Brown
Eyes Black
Skin: Tan

Personality and Interests

She is a very spiritual woman and loves to listen to others. She has learned to read people at an early age and can tell when most are lying. She is amused at tripping up liars in their story by asking questions.


She comes from a long line of Sioux Indian Witches and Wizards. She wishes to help her muggle Sioux people over come the harsh treatment of the US government.



Favourite Sayings

Can you describe the colors of the wind?

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