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Summary: Defense Against the Dark Arts

Professor Lane Oliver NPC

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Staff




Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts
House: Pukwudgie


Animagus: Raven
Wand: 10", Ash, unicorn hair
Animagus: Lane was able to become an Animagus during his years as a student at Ilvermorny, assuming the shape of a raven.
DefenseAgainst the Dark Arts:
Transfiguration: Lane was able to transform Jim Fox's dog, Jacker, into a French poodle.
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Personality and Interests

During his early days as a student at Ilvermorny, Lane was conceited, immature, & irresponsible. After his antics got him stuck in Geburah for a while, Lane later learned to take responsibility for himself.

Ever since he was a teenager, Lane had been a risk-taking adventurer, as he enjoyed traveling across the world meeting new people.

Though quick-tempered & impatient at times, Lane was loyal, reliable, & loving--both as a Professor & uncle to Adam.


Lane Oliver (b. 13 April 1960) was an American half-blood wizard born to Ralph (a No-Maj) & Francisca Oliver (nee McAuley; a Half-blood), & younger brother of Zena Fox, who was born a Squib.
Lane attended Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft & Wizardry in 1971 & was sorted into Pukwudgie. His sister Zena, because of her status, was unable to attend alongside Lane. During Lane's years at Ilvermorny, Zena left the Oliver household out of resentment. Since then, Lane has held some lack of sympathy towards his sister for a while. Years after graduating from Ilvermorny, Lane became a Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts. In 1997, Zena & her daughter, Raylene, were killed in a car accident caused by a Death Eater-made storm; this tragedy eventually sparked a change of heart in Lane.

A year after the death of his sister & niece, Lane came unto his 23-year-old nephew Adam one day, first aiding him when Adam being harassed by an aggressive panhandler, & later at night when Adam was being attacked by the Estries. Lane then appeared at the Fox residence, where he revealed himself to be Adam's uncle & that Adam was a potential wizard. It was Lane who got Adam a job at Ilvermorny.



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