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Summary: Professor of Potions

Professor Sariah Cain NPC

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Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Group: Staff




Professor of Potions
House: Wampus
Blood status: No-Maj born or Half-blood
Marital status: Single


Wand: 11", Reed, Kneazle whisker

Physical Appearance

Hair colour: Auburn
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Light

Personality and Interests



Sariah Cain (b. February 11, 1975) was an American witch serving as Potions Master at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, the daughter of No-Majs Ronald Cain & Sandra Cain (nee Thomas), who was the daughter of Modesty Barebone. The youngest of three children, Sariah's powers first came into existence when she was three years old. Because of her family's hatred towards wizards, Sariah's parents rejected her, & she spent the major part of her childhood under her the wing of her grandmother, who expressed sympathy towards her granddaughter since her brother Credence (whom she was close to as a child) was a wizard.
Sariah started at Ilvermorny in 1986, where she was sorted into Wampus.



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