Jacks Journey to School

Jack was now eleven years old and enjoying his last summer before he was suppose to attend the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His sisters were excited but not pleased about their big brother being gone for so long. So being the crafty girls they were they made poor Jack dote on them for as long as they could out of guilt. So Jack spent his summer working on his grandparents farm and playing with his two younger sisters and his pets. At this point Jack had two familiars that were two years of age. He had a Crup named Blue and a Snow Eagle Owl named Dr. Who.

Since Jack's father worked for MACUSA (the Magical Congress of the United States of America), he managed to get approval to take both of his familiars with him. This made Jack happy since Blue would get upset being away from Jack for a long time. After a few hours of playtime, Jack's mother called her children in for lunch. After the kids washed up and made their way to the dinning room they began eating some farm fresh foods. Then suddenly an owl arrived with a letter in its mouth. Jack's mother received the owl and took the letter from it before it flew away. She then read it to Jack and his two younger sisters.

She smiled as she looked at Jack and told him they were going to need to go shopping. So they talked it over with the grandparents and Jack left with his mother to Shikoba Wolfe's Wand Shop via Apparition. Once they arrived they saw the Indian reservation with a few shops available for school supplies. At that point Jack and his mother began shopping for all their supplies. They purchased all the basic supplies before heading to the wand shop.

Shikoba Wolfe, who was of Choctaw descent, was primarily famous for intricately carved wands containing Thunderbird tail feathers (the Thunderbird is a magical American bird closely related to the phoenix). Wolfe wands were generally held to be extremely powerful, though difficult to master. They were particularly prized by Transfigurers.

Of course its a big deal for a first time customer to experience getting a new wand. Jack was full of wonder as he looked around. Once he was greeted by the sales person he began testing out a few wands till he could find the right one. After a few mishaps, Jack ended up with a cedar wand with a Thunderbird's tail feathers. The wand felt very natural in Jack's hands and his mother was a mused since it seem to run in the family. She also had the same wand in her pocket.

Once the wand was purchased and approved it was shipped to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry since students were not allowed to have wands outside of school. Whenever they would come home for break they would have to leave the wands at school. So after they finished their shopping they Apparated home.

After showing off his stuff to his sisters they packed everything up and prepared Dr. Who's cage for travel. Since they still had time, he could pack his clothes in a few days. So they continued to work and play on the farm for the rest of the day till Jack's father came home and learned of the news. They celebrated with a bountiful feast and told stories of their days in school.

After a few weeks Jack and his parents made their way to the Ilvermorny Express via Apparition. It was an emotional goodbye as Jack's sisters riddled him with guilt for leaving them. Jack's parents were also sad to see him go off to school but told him it would be okay and that he would come home for the holidays on break. So after picking up his bags and owl cage, Jack had Blue, his crup, walk with him on the train. After finding his seat he opened the window and waved at his family before the train began moving. Then he closed his window and sat with Blue on his lap as he looked out the window. He was now on his own and heading to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


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