Zooeys Journey to School

Zooey Hannigan was was now eleven years old and enjoying her last summer before she was suppose to attend the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Having a large rowdy family is was hard to get any peace and quiet for herself. As if that was not enough Zooey had a lot of cousins, aunt and uncles who would visit often in the summer time for various occasions like Quidditch games, birthdays and holidays. Yes the Hannigan was large and full of working class folks. By no means did they have a lot of money, but they made the best of it and used a lot of hand me downs. Zooey was happy to have a big family but was not to keen on getting bullied by the rich families. Like many of her relatives she was a natural on a broom when it came to lessons with a few relatives who had more booze than brains at the time.

The Summer felt short this time since Zooey would have to get ready to go shopping for supplies for what she could not borrow like her wand and a few other things. Luckily she already had an owl. Two years ago while playing in a barn she found a baby eagle owl that was starving. After helping it recover with the help of some relatives, she managed to raise it properly and train it to be her familiar. This was a big deal since owls were expensive and this one was a top of the line owl. Seeing how she found it in a barn when she was nine years old she named it Barny.

Of course it was not long till an owl showed up with her letter to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After her parents read the letter they sighed as they would need to borrow as much as they could from their relatives before buying the rest. Zooey's father was a decent potion maker when it came to making booze potions. Sadly his limited education made it hard to get in with a big company so he mostly sold to small bars to make a decent living. Zooey's mom had her hands full with Zooey's five siblings including: Zooey age 11, sister age 9, twin sisters age 7 and a brother age 5.

Luckily her parents managed to get a lot of hand me downs from the Hannigan clan including a bird cage, many used books, some older used cloaks, some left over school supplies and her late great grandmother's wand which was a a cedar wand with a Thunderbird's tail feathers. It was a big deal since the wand was rather picky on the next user. This was a big relief for Zooey's folks since it cut the expenses down to a sixteenth of the original costs.

The next day Zooey went shopping with her mom to mail her wand to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and purchase the last of her school supplies. Since money was tight Zooey would not have the luxury to have any spending money while at school. She knew this would be an issue with making friends since she would not be able to afford fancy things like candy or ice skates. She just hoped she could at least make one friend who could accept her regardless of being poor.

It didn't take long before her Summer came to an end and she had to pack up for her tripe to the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Saying goodbye was hard for poor Zooey since she was very close to her family. After many heartfelt hugs, tears and touching words, Zooey collected her worn out luggage and bird cage and entered the train. Sadly in her confusion she realized she was in the wrong cart and now had to travel to the correct one.

As she made her way down past several other students, she could feel their gaze at her appearance. She knew they were probably judging her as poor and looked down on her. However she didn't have time for them as she struggled to make her way to her seat two cars down. Suddenly the train took off and and was almost knocked down. After almost loosing her balance she recomposed herself and continued to her destination on the moving train. It irked her she could not wave her family off. Eventually she found her car and seat and there was a boy with a crup dog sitting next to her seat and staring out the window. She swallowed the lump in her throat and hope he was be nice to her. Then she made her way in to her seat.


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