Boy Meets Girl

Eventually she found her car and seat and there was a boy with a crup dog sitting next to her seat and staring out the window. She swallowed the lump in her throat and hope he was be nice to her. Then she made her way in to her seat. Jack heard the door slide open and looked to see a girl with a lot of luggage and an owl cage. He quickly moved Blue off his lap and stood up so he could help her.

Jack: Here let me help you with that. Your owl is looking a bit upset from all the jostling.

Zooey was shocked that the boy was helping her without a second thought. Seeing behind him he had an similar white owl in a cage and a crup on the chair behind him, it made her wonder if he was into animals. She saw how he carefully placed the owl on the hook by the shelf and then picked up her worn out luggage with care as he stored it properly. Then he looked at her with a smile and spoke.

Jack: Oh my bad I'm Jack Gomez and these are Dr. Whoo and Blue.

Jack pointed at his owl then crup with a smile.

Zooey looked at Jack then smiled as she spoke up and shook his hand firmly.

Zooey: I'm Zooey Hannigan and my owl is Barny.

Jack: Nice to meet you both. Did you want to sit down?

Zooey: Please.

Jack picked Blue up so Zooey could sit down easier, before he sat down next to her with Blue in his lap.

Zooey: Is that a crup?

Jack: Sure is. I got Blue two years ago from a relative who had a litter. I also got Dr. Whoo the same way.

Zooey: Dr. Who? Is that a secret joke?

Jack: Yeah I got it from a character from a tv show. I found it ironic.

Zooey: Soory I don't watch television so I don't get it.

Jack: No sweat. I am sure I am prolly the only one who will get it at School as well.

Zooey: Are you worried the others will make fun of you?

Jack: Not really. If I worry about what others think about me I'll go nuts trying to please them for nothing. In all honestly I find animals easier to understand than people.

Zooey: Wow I never thought about that before.

Jack: So are you excited to leave home?

Zooey: Kind of. I mean I want to go but I will miss home at the same time.

Jack: Yeah same here. My sisters are pretty upset that I left. I am sure I will get an earful when I go back home for break.

Zooey: Oh tell me about it. my sisters plan on nagging me for details when I go back.

Just then the candy trolley lady came by offering sweets for money and Zooey looked with a bit of interest before she sighed and shook her head no. Jack looked at the cart and then at Zooey before he sat up and walked over to the cart to purchase a large number of sweets from the trolley lady. Zooey watched with a bit of jealousy as she really wanted to try a sweet or two but since she was poor she didn't have a choice. Of course she was not looking forward to watching Jack eat sweets in front of her so she made a pain expression till Jack turned around with a bag full of sweets and a smile.

Jack: Every now and then I get a sweet tooth and its kind of embarrassing to eat this stuff alone so would you might sharing this with me?

Zooey was a bit shocked that Jack would offer his candy with her after they just meant. She knew money was something one should be careful with and here was Jack being kind and sweet.

Zooey: Are you sure?

Jack: Yeah. Besides if I ate all this by myself I'd prolly get sick.

Zooey: Okay then.

After that Jack gave Blue a flavored chew bone to chew on before he dumped the candy on the chair between himself and Zooey and began sorting it out. He took turns with Zooey selecting a candy and tasted it as they talked about random things like family, hobbies and things they like and dislike. As it turned out Zooey was a sports fan and was looking forward to flying class. Jack asked her if she could give him some tips if he couldn't keep up. In return Zooey asked Jack if he could give her tips on animal care since he was pretty smart in that area. Zooey was glad Jack was a cool guy and found him easy to get along with. She secretly hoped they would both end up in the same House so they could stay friends.

Jack was relieved that he made a friend right away since it took the pressure off and he could relax. He also hoped they would in up in the same House so they could continue their friendship over the school year. Hours went by as the two talked nonstop about anything that crossed their mind. Once they got on the subject of school thy began exchanging rumors and stories they heard from relatives. They had an idea of what was to come but till they actually confirmed it with their own eyes it was still a mystery. Eventually the sun was going down and they pulled out their blankets to stay warm as they continued their conversation.


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