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Summary: A Frankenstein


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Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: The Lost

Place of Origin

Early 3000's - Earth Galaxy




Heightened senses and reflexes
Good aim
Acidic saliva
Black Fire (Has yet to unlock this, though)

Physical Appearance

Rather short, he is tan skinned and well built with dark brown hair that reaches down just past his shoulders. Of his three eyes, the right and third eye are gold while his left eye is an ocean blue. His left ear is that of a squirrel, the fur only a shade lighter than his hair with two piercings in it. The right ear is pointed, almost human looking and stitches can be seen holding it to his head (he often switches out the earrings a lot in this ear). His body is riddled with scars and staples that he tries to keep hidden with layers of clothing. His claws are charcoal black.

Personality and interests

He is stubborn, foul mouthed, and has a bad attitude toward just about everything to hide the constant pain his body is in. Deep down, he's a very sweet guy, but the pain makes it difficult to be calm enough to show this.

His interests mostly involve his guns, chain smoking, and just surviving.


All his life he grew up with loss and ended up on his own, going from combat arenas to just fighting to stay alive. He traveled with some "friends" for a time, but ended up alone and has been trying to find a place to call home since.

When he wakes up in this new world, he feels just as unwelcome as back on Earth.

Items and Equipment

Custom Built Revolver - His favorite but most used gun. Sadly, the bullets are also custom made, so he has to constantly collect materials for it.

Twin Pistols - Just to pistols he carries around as back up.

Old Long Sword - A weapon he seems to refuse to use.

Claws, Teeth, and Acidic Saliva

Simple Bag - He carries supplies in it.

Player Notes

He's keeps his past to himself and seems to refuse to use his sword.

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Image of Atsu
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