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Summary: Gadgeteer genius, cunning linguist, resident Mr. Fix-it.


Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: The Lost

Place of Origin

30th Century, Deep Space


"Mr. Fix-it"


Inventor and engineer
Advanced Xenolinguistics
Expert survivor

Physical Appearance

A wiry young man with dusty blonde hair often wearing a heavily cannibalized space suit and mismatched clothing he's collected over the years. Also has a tool belt with various gadgets and weapons.

Personality and interests

Gil is a naturally kind soul who desires to help others, he is also incredibly intelligent and quick to think up solutions to problems. However his past continues to haunt him and he struggles to let people in after his childhood spent as a slave and the loss of his crew upon finding himself in Nowhere.

He is highly skilled at and loves learning new languages and programming them into his universal translator.

He hates being idolized, which means he and N'eela are always butting heads with her constant worship of him.


Where Gil was born is a mystery, his earliest memories were that of a slave to a band of intergalactic slavers. There he was forced to learn new alien languages very quickly, as well as learned how to fix things. He was often brutalized and humiliated as a slave but got smart enough to figure out a way to escape, where he found himself alone on a desolate world as a young boy.

Of all things, a insectoid queen took him in and raised him as her own. She taught him to survive and furthered his knowledge of technology and encouraged his inventive side. Sadly, she was eventually killed by the same slavers who had tormented him as a young boy.

Then the crew of the Infinity came, explorers searching for a great secret who took him in and gave him a new home and purpose. For years he helped them in their search for cosmic truth. The journey eventually leading him to Iram, a religious despot bent on learning the cosmic truth for his own power. Much to Gil's horror, he learned Iram was a future version of himself flung back into the past. A truth that shattered his identity and made him question his own soul. However Gil was able to defeat Iram and brought the Infinity to the edge of Truth. Only to then suddenly be flung to Nowhere.

Since then, Gil has worked to help those of Nowhere, the locals have come to rely on him for safety and Gil once again has found himself a new family to care for, even if he keeps them all at arm's length. The only one to penetrate his barriers is the lizard girl N'eela, who sees him as a godman which drives Gil insane to no end due to his hangups over Iram.

For now, however, Gil is content with his new life and helping those who find themselves lost in Nowhere.

Items and Equipment

Modified rivet gun meant for use as an offensive weapon, though still good at bolting panels together in a pinch

Electric stun grenades of his own design.

Anti-grav traps to hold enemies in a field of anti-grav

Universal translator

Kino probe, a floating sphere used to explore alien worlds and gather images and data. Can also play music.

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Image of Gil
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