Image of N'eela

Summary: The lizard girl healer


Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: The Lost

Place of Origin

Earth in a universe where sentient life evolved from reptiles.




Skilled healer

Physical Appearance

A tall female lizard girl with blueish scales wearing tribal garb.

Personality and interests

A curious and kind soul. N'eela is always wanting to learn more about those who come to Nowhere and help however she can. She is also fiercely loyal to Gil, whom she believes to be a god due to his use of advanced technology beyond her understanding. Something he finds very annoying.


Born and raised in her village near the sea. N'eela was to be the village's next great healer before she was whisked away "by the gods" and dropped in Nowhere. There she met Gil and was immediately enthralled by his skills with what she believed to be magical artifacts.

He taught her English and while her time with Gil has shown that his seemingly godlike power is nothing but technology she still finds herself driven to be by his side.

Items and Equipment

Bow and arrow
Pouch of healing poultices and potions

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Image of N'eela
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