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Summary: The Genetics Expert


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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown - Looks 30

Group: The Lost

Place of Origin

Early 3000's - Earth Galaxy




Physical Regeneration
Advanced Medical Abilities
Hacking Skills (Thanks to the AI in his metal spine)

Physical Appearance

Average height with brown hair and dark blue eyes, he has fair skin and sharp claws. A scar encircles his neck and another follows his spine from tailbone up to the back of his head where it disappears into his hair. His teeth are sharp as well.

He's often seen in a torn up lab coat over his jeans, a basic t-shirt, and his combat boots.

Personality and interests

Well known for his mental instability, but a gentleman. He can be sarcastic and harsh with how honest he tends to be and is very stubborn.

He's got a thing for knives.


Born on Saturn in a time where all of Earth Galaxy's planets are occupied, he grew up learning genetics and how to use blades. Over the years as he made too many mistakes and essentially got killed, only to wake up with more problems than before.

Years later, he seems to have lost everything and has no purpose, just traveling from planet to planet alone until he finally woke up in Nowhere.

Items and Equipment

Seven Custom Built Knives
Medical Scalpel
Small Journal - He writes in it a lot
Satchel Bag

Player Notes

He feels he has no purpose and is in search of one.

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Image of Jin'Lor
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