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Summary: A Hunter Down To His Bones


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Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: The Lost

Place of Origin

Late 8th Century - Planet known as "Rivveneria" (Earth type planet)




Close Combat

Physical Appearance

Dark skinned with snow white hair, gold eyes, and pointed ears, he stands at average height and is muscular. He has a few tribal tattoos and scars riddle his face, revealing teeth on one side. To hide the scars he is always seen in a metal mask. His wardrobe consists of a mix of modern day and late 8th century.

Personality and interests

He's a fairly calm individual that has little to no interest in people aside from his younger sister, Whisper. The only time he's seen truly excited when he's in combat, swinging his axe.


Most of his life has been training and hunting while raising his sister, the only blood he has left after their parent's were taken out by the wildlife of their planet. When the tribe leader made the decision to cast out Whisper, he took the initiative and murdered the man, earning the scars on his face. Fleeing to the wilds with Whisper, he has done all he can to keep her safe and mentally stable over the years.

Waking up to a new world came to be quite a surprise, but he is happy to still have Whisper with him.

Items and Equipment

Heavy Axe - A well maintained silver axe built from the strongest metals of Rivveneria. It is his signature weapon.

Bone Dagger - A weapon Whisper made him that he uses as a last resort.

Sharpening Kit - One of the few things he is willing to carry around because he never wants his weapons to grow dull.

Player Notes

He can be foul mouthed and is not ashamed of it.

Often collects little bones and stones for his sister.

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Image of Echo
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