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Summary: Ranger of Nowhere and doting father

Jhonen Cross

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Group: The Lost

Place of Origin

The planet Jericho, early 24th Century


Formerly Dragoon Peacekeeper
Currently Ranger of Nowhere


Skilled combatant, marksman, and swordsman
Dragoon magic with a focus on telekinesis

Physical Appearance

A tall man with blonde hair and a beard, several scars and a bionic right arm. Has an eyepatch to cover his damaged cybernetic eye. Usually wearing his old dragon leather coat.

Personality and interests

Jhonen is a strong-willed man with a limitless sense of focus. Always determined to fulfill whatever goal that's in front of him no matter what, he is a man who knows how to get things done. He is very protective of those he cares about, especially his daughter Matilda.

He enjoys a relaxing bath, and alcohol.

Is also a bit of a man whore.


Born near Tannhauser Gate, Jhonen's family moved to Jericho when he was a young man. He lived with his family and worked the family farm. That was, until a young woman named Lilith arrived on their doorstep battered and bloodied. The Crosses took Lilith in and nursed her back to health, only to be betrayed by her when she killed everyone save Jhonen, whom she raped and tortured before leaving him for dead.

Jhonen survived, however and became a dragon-riding Dragoon in an attempt to gain revenge. However this quest for revenge was cut short when he learned that Lilith, now going by the title of The Crimson Queen, had gotten pregnant with his child. Instead of revenge, Jhonen was determined to save his daughter from her cruel mother. A mission in which he succeeded, but at great cost. However, this matters little now as both he and Matilda were whisked away to Nowhere.

Here, Jhonen was able to establish himself as a peacekeeper once again, this time a Ranger of Nowhere, and now defends the people of the Cradle.

Items and Equipment

Modified pulse rifle
Combat revolver
Monomolecular sword
Bionic prosthetic with various alternatives that have numerous applications and tools such as a harpoon gun, a hidden machinegun, and a stun ability.

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Image of Jhonen Cross
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