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Summary: Assassin, Daughter, A Girl Interrupted

Matilda Cross

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: The Lost

Place of Origin

The planet Jericho




Trained as a skilled assassin

Physical Appearance

A young woman with medium length blonde hair and blue eyes. Is covered in scars from her brutal upbringing by her mother. Usually wears flattering, yet functional, outfits.

Personality and interests

Matilda is devoted to her father, Jhonen after he saved her from her ruthless mother. However she struggles with her emotions and self-control due to the trauma she's suffered. Even still, the hope her father brings her inspires her to strive to better herself.

She loves strawberries and riding dinosaurs.


Born on Jericho to The Crimson Queen, a criminal mastermind, she was raised to believe Jhonen was the man who killed her father and was filled with a desire to get revenge on him. Obviously, this was part of The Queen's game in a twisted attempt to break both Jhonen and Matilda for her own enjoyment. However, Jhonen was able to save Matilda and reveal the truth. For a time she struggled to believe he was her father, but eventually accepted it. When Jhonen defeated her mother the two were forced to go on the run where they eventually were whisked away to Nowhere.

She now acts as a scavenger and protector of Nowhere and the Cradle.

Items and Equipment

Dual pistols
Combat knife

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Image of Matilda Cross
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