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Summary: Those who never were


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Group: Enemies

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Most are just vicious creatures that try to claw at their targets, though some seem to wield weapons and know how to use them.

Physical Appearance

The typical neverwere will appear as a black mass with glowing orbs for eyes. Most appear humanoid, and their movements are shambling and slow for the most part until they are provoked.

Some neverweres have more beastly forms, taking the form of animals and other creatures from across time. Some can be far larger and monstrous depending on the severity of the neverwere infestation.

Personality and interests

Little is known of neverweres aside from that they seem to appear during anomalous events that happen across Nowhere and that they are hostile to everything they come into contact with. Their origins are unknown, and their motives are alien to us.


The first recorded neverwere attack was back in the early days before The Cradle was established. Lost folk who travelled in caravans encountered an infestation of neverweres which nearly wiped them out. It was only thanks to a brave few, the first of the Rangers, who were able to stamp out the neverweres.

Since then, neverwere infestations appear periodically over the year, with no rhyme or reason for their appearance as far as most know. However, in recent weeks, their numbers have been steadily increasing...

Items and Equipment

Some have been known to summon ghostly weapons such as swords and rifles to help them in combat.

Player Notes

Neverweres can come in a myriad of forms.

Neverweres are highly vulnerable to magic.

Neverweres are an enemy character and as such are treated as NPCs and can be killed by players.

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Image of Neverweres
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