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Summary: A misanthropic-yet-skilled medical doctor

Elden Gen

Gender: Male

Age: 34 (123 Symbiont's Age)

Group: The Lost

Place of Origin

Star Trek-verse




Skilled doctor and surgeon

Physical Appearance

A Trill male of average height and build. Often seen wearing a somewhat ratty-looking

Personality and interests

Originally a kind and caring trill medical doctor, due to his blending with Gen Elden is now a misanthropic and often cantankerous doctor, though willing to help he begrudgingly does it and is more often looking to find new medicines to experiment with.


Once a rising star in Starfleet's medical corps, Elden's life was changed forever when a blended Trill was near death during a deep space excursion. As the only other Trill on board he was forced to take on the symbiont, Gen, into himself to save it. The blending resulted in a massive personality change that turned the well-intentioned and caring young man in a rather irate and cantankerous curmudgeon. Though still determined to help other he does is begrudgingly so, and after falling through space and time and landing in Nowhere has become even more annoyed at his predicament and the odd strangers he must treat.

Though he is still the best damn doctor in all of Nowhere.

Items and Equipment

Medical tricorder
Hypospray with a myriad of "personal cocktails."

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Image of Elden Gen
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